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Dr. Amish Patel, Dr. Steve Gnatz and Abigail Sibley, A.P.N

Dr. Amish Patel, Dr. Steve Gnatz and Abigail Sibley, A.P.N

INTEGRATED REHAB CONSULTANTS (IRC) is the nation’s largest group of Physiatrists (Physical Medical & Rehab Specialists) within a skilled setting. With presence in over 200 facilities throughout the nation, IRC continues to grow and meet the needs of the changing post-acute industry by providing a clinical-based solution to address issues that most affect skilled nursing facilities; re-admission rates, patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and staff training.

By partnering with skilled nursing facilities (SNF’s) to provide enhanced levels of care for rehab patients in a sub-acute setting, IRC is able to utilizing a team based approach with a dedicated Physiatrists to manage a rehab program that rivals those found in an inpatient rehab facility.

To help SNF’s differentiate themselves from the competition, IRC Physiatrists focus on better patient outcomes and provide the highest level of care. This has shown to give a competitive advantage to attract patients and build a lasting brand that attracts referrals.

In addition to placing physiatrist within SNF’s, IRC can also collaborate with SNF’s to help develop effective marketing programs geared towards developing a consistent referral pattern from physicians in the community.

By utilizing a sales and marketing team specific to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, IRC is able to locate and partner with SNF’s that provide a specialized rehab experience for their patients and families that goes beyond the traditional status quo of nursing facilities.

Integrated Rehab Consultants (IRC) is the largest physician-owned physiatry group in the country. Physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), is a branch of medicine that aims to enhance and restore functional ability (bone, brain, neuromuscular experts) and quality of life. Our physiatrists work with skilled nursing facilities (SNF’s) to optimize therapy treatment plans; focusing on managing pain, functional rehabilitation and recovery for patients with physical and cognitive impairments or disabilities, we can help patients discharge quicker and safer – adding a layer of clinical oversight and capabilities that most SNFs and their patients have been underserved historically.