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Free Continuing Education (CE) Courses

Continuing Education Courses

We are pleased to offer free Continuing Education (CE) Courses for our facility partners and the community! Most CE courses are approved for credit for:

  • Nursing:
    • Advanced Practice Nurses (APN)
    • Registered Nurses (RN)
    • Licensed Practical Nurses(LPN)
  • Social Work:
    • Licensed Social Workers (LSW)
    • Clinical Licensed Social Workers (CLSW)
    • Licensed Medical Social Workers (LMSW) 
    • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC)
  • Long-Term Care Administrators:
    • Nursing Home Administrators (NHA)
    • Resident Care/Assisted Living Administrators (RCAL)
    • Home and Community Based Service Executives (HCBS)

Please click on the specific course below to learn more!