L. Becca Ranz

I love working in SNF’s because of the flexibility. I’m able to take my kids to all their activities and stay home with them when they are sick without disrupting a whole day of clinic. I’m able to be a great physician and a great mom without feeling like I’m sacrificing one for the other.

Pedro Gonzalez

I am passionate about PM&R in the subacute setting, its been not only a great career choice, but I have been able to work closely with my patients to help them get home safely as soon possible.

Pauline Cichon

What I like most about rehab is that I get to be a part of the enthusiasm and motivation that patients have toward reaching their functional goals.

Kenny Duggal

Function is the essence of life, and I strive my best to help people recover their lost function as soon as possible. We are living longer, and we must learn to recover from and prevent injury to allow for a more graceful aging process to enhance our quality of life. We can all make therapeutic…

Katherine Herzog

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” William Osler.

Kashif Saeed

IRC is a great company to work for. I am able to maintain and advance my general PM&R skill set working with rehabilitation patients in the sub-acute setting. I see a wide spectrum of pathology including patients with orthopedic, neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Justin Waltrous

I enjoy working in skilled nursing facilities through IRC as able to help patients how I know best, through the general rehabilitation issues. The therapists, nursing staff, and primary physicians at the facilities lean on me to assist with any barriers to getting the best rehabilitation and safe discharge home including evaluations for prosthetics/orthotics, spasticity…

Jose E. Barreto

I love Physiatry due of its focus on function and quality of life and working at IRC allows me to help people reach their maximum potential when they need it the most”

Azlan Tariq

I have been fortunate to be with IRC since June 2012. I have seen the company grow leaps and bounds and help physiatrists across the country. Subacute is the perfect practice environment for me. I am able to practice medicine like a true physiatrist where 90% of my practice is musculoskeletal, orthopedic and pain related…

Arpit Kaul

I fell in love with the diversity and patient population of PM&R as a medical student. Working in skilled nursing facilities allows me to work with a mixed patient population while maintaining a balanced lifestyle